Sunday, 6 September 2020


Usually when an idea comes to you, you become uncomfortable. Some young people say they are confused, but that is usually not true. I think this is one of the reasons we need to teach emotional intelligence. This will help young people become clear on the emotions they feel and be able to interpret these emotions to their advantage.

Usually, when we are starting out on a new path, we are bound to feel a bit of agitation as our mind has not yet accepted the new path. Also, because we switch to flight mode when we are uncertain about situations, we tend to feel nervous. This is normal and shouldn't make you run away from implementing your ideas.

When a you conceive an idea, it is simply the universe saying to you that it is time to change. This is because your idea is here to make you take on a new shape. You need to become the person that can execute that idea. This means you will need to acquire new set of skills, new set of relationships and new a new mindset. You would definitely become a new person after all these has been acquired by you.


When an idea comes to you, it means you are relevant to the change that should happen in the society. It means that you have something to contribute. This idea doesn't have to be about starting a business or social impact project alone. If you have an idea that makes an existing business or project better, that is also a valid idea. I usually tell my mentees that there are some ideas that come to you that aren't necessarily for you to implement. These ideas are to be shared to make the work that others are doing, better!

There are many reasons why your idea is valid, but I don;t intend to make this post long. 

I want to use this month to give you value on this blog. I will share as much as I can. 

This is how we are going to relate here:

After you read this post, if you have something to say about it, leave me a comment. But more importantly, I want you to leave me questions. I will write an article on your questions and post it here and you will be able to grow and become more by reading these. 

Also, share the link to the post with your friends so we can together contribute to the growth of another person.

I love you!

Andrew Igbineweka,

I want to help you start where you are, like I did.

Now, go ahead and leave me your comments and questions.


Estywrites said...

Thank you very much for this, I can relate a lot. Recently, I started putting myself to help people with little knowledge of experience & reading has taught me. I feel comfortable, I have wanted something like this for years now but I keep thing ideas are meant to be businesses that will benefit.

Unknown said...

Thank you sir. This is an answered prayer. An idea came to my mind but I was stipulating whether to carry out the idea because of what people would say. After reading this, I was encouraged.

Unknown said...

New ideas, new skills, new relationships, a new mindset, helping people, adding value. Thanks so much, sir for this

Unknown said...

Just the word - agitation. It comes with doing new stuff and implementing ideas. For me, I become overwhelmed until I write or just take a walk to breathe and clear my head. Can you share other adaptation techniques?

Unknown said...

This was surely impactful. Thank you Mr Andrew.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this, anytime an idea comes to mind i quickly kill because of I'm always scared of starting but i have decided to take a bold step.

Uyinonijesu said...

Thank you so much Andrew.
How can you then ascertain which ideas are yours and which aren't? And then how can you communicate that idea to the relevant people without sounding like an I-too-know kind of person?

Unknown said...

Every idea, no matter how little it may seem, is valid! 💯💯

Anonymous said...

This is deep
Sometimes not all ideas are urs to implementation

Ehinomen said...

Thank you Sir. I know results take time but what if you started something but it looks like it isn't going to work out. How do you know if you should stick with it, do it differently or just give up on it.

Angela Tamarapreye Willie said...

My ideas are valid. Not every idea that comes to my mind is mearnt for me to implement. Thank you sir. This was value filled.

Unknown said...

Thank You so much Sir Andrew... I learnt alot.. But Sir, is there a particular time on how to implement any idea that comes to mind, or You take a bold step immediately once an idea drops..

Unknown said...

Thank you so much sir..

You are really an inspiration to me and you've always supported my development generally..

Ella Obazele said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm reminded again that my ideas are valid. My question here is 'what should be one's drive when it comes to starting anything'? Is money such a bad reason for wanting to venture into anything?