Wednesday, 20 March 2019


Okay, since we became family members here, I noticed that some have tried to put up sales copies here and have noticed that their posts were deleted.

This post was written originally for my Community, GoABitFurther -

Do you know what a sales copy is?

A piece of writing that is intended to sell a product or service.

Because we are family members and I want us to not only learn skills but also make profits from our skills, I have taken the pain of putting this together to teach you HOW TO SELL WITHOUT SELLING.


You shouldn't enter people's house (community) and try to sell your products without prior permission from the Community Leader.

Desist from this.

You also want to build raport so you can increase your sales and visibility.

People need to know what you are about. Also, they need to be able to see that you have sense to not market your products on someone else's page without contributing value to the page and it's viewers/members.

So how do you politely enter people's houses and sell without offending the Leaders?

You must understand that money (profit) flows in the direction of value.

What you need might not be money. It might be influence. Influence comes to valuable people; people that go out value to people.

You cannot come here and try to sell your products when you haven't contributed to the growth of the platform or it's members.

The mission we hope to achieve by this platform, is to educate, expose and equip you with relevant skills to strategically position you for success in the work space.

For example:

You sell tomatoes and you want to make a post here.

Tell us about your experience selling tomatoes alongside attending classes.

This will not only make us KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU, AND TRUST YOU, but it will also indirectly advertise what you do. Soon, customers will begin to contact you via inbox to do business with you.

It will also teach us what we need to know about doing business. You have in a way, contributed to the mission of the community - to educate, expose and equip...

The fact that you chose to sell tomatoes as a student in the university, shows that you are a diligent and driven person. We all can relate with the struggles you go through. And this informs our decision to even contribute to your hustle as well as tell others to buy from you.

Did I make sense?

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