Sunday, 13 September 2020


You never know what you are worth until you start to care for others and truly show up with your ideas to make life better for others. It is really about others and what you can contribute to their lives. If we keep looking at ourselves, we will never be able to amount to anything more.

Now, let's use an analogy. 

Everyone in this life is simply out, looking for ways to meet their needs. It takes you to decide to go a bit further, to be able to genuinely desire the good of others. It is not easy for us to zone out on ourselves and begin to think of the good of others. It takes love, to want to see others become better. The day you are able to decide to journey on this path, that is the day you change your reality to someone worth celebrating.

Now why is it that I am not saying that your idea may not be valid? 

What I really mean here is that, if you hold back your potential and never really share your ideas or use your skill to contribute to society, nobody is going to know that you had some really amazing ideas. Just imagine how many ideas are lying dead in the grave? 

Now, genuinely, some of these guys probably had plans to share their ideas, but they never did share. And we do not even know what it would have meant to the human race. You are alive, and now is the best time to begin to discuss your ideas with friends, colleagues.... Don't be scared that people will implement your ideas. Also be careful with whom you share your ideas.

WHen I first got the idea of GoABitFurther Africa, I had just received it in my heart but did not know what to do next. I shared it with my best friend. We just talked about it. I shared it with a couple other persons and voila! Not only did I get key individuals to partner to help execute our first project, I also was able to get people to register to take the training. Now, prior to this time, I had shared this same ide with some event gurus in school, but they said such programs would not get the attention of any student. They said students are very interested in entertainment. 

My idea would have not been valid if I took their opinions and acted upon it. I probably wouldn't be sending your this blog post right now. But because I stayed through and found the right ears to share the ideas with, I was able to get sponsors, registrants, trainers, and a team that contributed to the success of the event. 

The only way to find our your potential is to dare to plan and execute those ideas coming to you.

If you do not do this, you will never know the potential that that idea holds and how it can change your life forever. Should I tell you how much money I have been able to make just in this COVID ERA? That one is not even compared to the impact and influence. Don't hold back. If you aren't sure how to implement your ideas, you have four ways you can work with us at GoABitFurther Africa. Just send me a direct message. 

Remember what I said about this:

You have the opportunity to ask me questions, and I will convert your questions to answers and make a blog post out of it. 

You will also share with others so we can both get young people around the world to embrace their unique ideas and get started with those ideas, where they are, just like I did. 

With Love,

Andrew Igbineweka

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