Tuesday, 29 August 2017


The quote by John D. Rockefeller is enough to wipe away that hope of thinking you can become rich simply by having it as a goal.

There are so many reasons why one can become rich. I wonder what pops in your mind after reading the first sentence in the second paragraph. "I will become rich because God loves me," I will become rich because my parents are rich," I will become rich because I work hard?" One can become rich by any of these means, but becoming wealthy for a lifetime requires an extra push from all these that was mentioned. So, here are some reasons why one can remain wealthy for a lifetime.

1. One can become rich simply by striving to meet the needs of others first!
So I put it in this form: "Strive for something other than yourself." People who work to meet their needs end up working for those who work to meet the needs of humanity. The earth will only yield riches for those who seek to meet the needs of others. A wise man once said "life is not worth living until it is lived for others." It is burdensome to go through life burdened with the yoke of self-centeredness. You add value to society by thinking outside the box of selfcenteredness. And if what you give to society is needed for a lifetime, you earn an income for a lifetime. People who work to earn a living are those who work to meet their needs. The money only come to meet their unlimited needs. While those who meet the needs of society earn what is called an income.

People who are making the millions dared to ignore their needs and thought of the needs of society and the humans that make it up. We should follow in their shoes and soon we also would make millions simply by meeting the needs of others. Just add value any way you can.

2. Dare to believe you can be rich too
 I was watching a preacher on TV explaining the kinds of unbelief and while he described the kinds of unbelief, a thought popped in my mind. The thing with unbelief is likened to some sicknesses. The doctors call some sickness or disease chronic. These sickness/disease are such that they cannot be ignored. They are right there for every prying eyes to take not of. The victims are usually dead bodies walking. While for other sickness that aren't life threatening, they call them mild.

Unbelief can come in these forms. The chronic unbelief is such that you know that you do not belief and so you form an ideology around it. You defend it in every conversation. You doubt and talk down every idea that pops in your mind. Mild unbelief on the other hand, is the kind that you ignore sometimes, and other times you hardly recognize that you are a doubting Thomas. 

Here is how the preacher put it: "We have been schooled in unbelief." You remember when we were much younger it was easier to believe that daddy was going to get us whatever we asked. So we never doubted daddy's ability to get us that shoe or that bicycle even though daddy had money issues. It was obvious that we couldn't afford three square meals but when daddy said he was going to get us that bicycle, we believed without reservations. But mommy on the other hand, being the educated adult, was like "how are you going to do that when we can't afford lunch?"

Daddy did not buy us that bicycle but he did buy mommy a car and himself as well.

Class room education has a way of snatching our ability to believe and handing us the sorry taste of reality in the name of being realistic. I am not saying being realistic is wrong. But who wants to eat a bland bread? What is life without dreams and aspirations? Why can't we be asked what we want of life, and be trained in that line? What is the essence of school when our dreams end up talked outta  our grips?

Dare to believe. Hold on strong to your dreams. Write it down, and while you pursue education, educate yourself on your dreams. You can if you say you can.

There are so many reasons why you will become wealthy, but these two will come handy!

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