Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Why You Should Write Consistently by Andrew Igbineweka

Writing has been in existence for a long time and as a writer or one that aspires to be one, I know bugging you with history will not get you any closer to getting the desired results you want.

Here is what I propose to you as one who aspires to become a renown writer:

Write Consistently!

Write Everyday!

Writing as a skill, gets better only by use.

It doesn't matter the amount of courses you take on writing. If you do not bring yourself to that place where you take up a pen and a pad and write, or take up your notepad or phones and type, you will never be better at the craft or art.

So why should you write?

Because we cannot be in multiple places at a time, it is important to write and share our ideas with the world.

Writing is a sure way to reach a wider spectrum of audience.

Writing is a sure way to build a tribe of people that are passionate about the same things you are passionate about.

In October I lost my phone to some bad guys... Hahahaha... Once this happened, I only had access to free Facebook, thanks to Airtel Nigeria.

I began sharing the things I was passionate about, on Facebook.

I committed to doing that through out the period I was on Teaching Practice.

Before long, I started getting messages from people who wanted me to mentor them or teach them a thing or two.

If I had not decided to write about these things, I wouldn't have been able to connect with these great minds.

Through writing, I have been able to reach a wider spectrum of audience and have touched lives in more ways than I did when I wasn't writing.

Writing has given expression to my many gifts.

You too can do this and even more.

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Yours in impact and more,

Andrew Igbineweka
"André More"


The phone guy. said...

Yes sir!,
Very true writing has been the most lethal weapon right from the days of the ancient and was well acknowledged.
But our today generation finds it just as means of communication. But its MORE than That.

It entails expressions that is beyond what meets the eye...
Hmm, let me stop here because of time.
Thanks Mr. Andrew!

Joy Iwetan said...

Writing as a skill gets better only by use. Great.

Joy Iwetan said...

Writing as a skill gets better only by use. Great.

Unknown said...

Hmmmm awesome! I'm inspired to Write more!

Ademola Adekola said...

The power of the pen in a way that challenges the lie and tells the truth.... Let's keep writing.

Emamoke mercy said...

The spirit that flows from the mind to the world is in consistent relationship with the pen and paper.
Writing has given us an expression of inner most beauty,idea, that expressed in content,relies back to the mind (which is the engine room)for meditation, and gives birth to critical analysis. Therefore i can say its a circle of life.
Therefore lets set aside the fear of grammar and correct sentence, bearing in mind it only gets better, when read over, becomes a comic relief, as we overcome our weaknesses and innocence, and by added knowledge we enlighten the world with our opinion.

Unknown said...

I'm new to writing. Any help?

Omega UC said...

I'm new to writing, sir.
Stumbled on your blog and loved this.

Any help?