Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Why You Should Take Personal Branding Seriously by Andrew Igbineweka

At TEFforum2018

I still don't understand why it is hard to communicate the importance of personal branding to students and young entrepreneurs.

At GoABitFurther Community we had a Virtual Campus Tour for students in over four Universities here in Nigeria, and this topic was paid much attention to.

I thought by now, students would have understood and began setting themselves up for the success they anticipate. The reverse has been the case, as I see more students reaching out to me for guidance, accompanied with questions like "why should I bother?"

Why do you think a stranger will do business with you?

Why do you think that you can be trusted for a job?

Why should an employer choose you and not someone else, when seeking for one who is employable?

Why do you think you like that favourite eatery of yours?

Why do you think you love to look or dress in a certain way?

Perception has always been the reason why people make decisions.

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Let's continue.

Your decisions are based on your perception.

Start investing on your brand perception. That is, how you want to be perceived.

Your belief is based on what you perceive to be true. This is also true for the people you are looking out to get their attention.

If I am an employer of labour, and after you  have submitted your CV, I stumbled on an incriminating or inappropriate content on your social media platform, do you think my decision will be in your favour?

Have you really asked why as a graduate, you are yet to get a job? Or maybe you know someone who is a graduate and has not even been invited for an interview.

Maybe their problem is that they have failed in building a profitable brand perception that makes them a magnet to opportunities.

Maybe as a student in the university, you are also on that line towards making the same mistake.

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Andrew Igbineweka "André More"

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The phone guy. said...

This is just the truth!.
I can attest attest fact that most contract Ive had so far was as a result of self branding which resulted in A public branding that Got customers coming for phone repairs.See @

I can recall outrightly the words of some customers "I saw your posts " , etc.
And when they meet me in person too they are never disappointed.