Monday, 7 January 2019

Embittered - Ademola Adekola

Oh No !!!

Brothers and Sisters, have you not now seen how we awake to the call of pain brewed by conspiracies and propagandas?

Have you not now seen how the dawning of a new day brings us conspiracies propagated by the elites united only by class and interest in a country almost far beyond redemption; a country of rehearsed political saga and melo-drama?

Where students leaders and activist are nothing but mere political stooges awaiting the masters call for crumbs, bones, even if it is grinded into powder, shafts and thrown to them in nylon bags.

It doesn't matter the shape in which it comes, it will still very much be accepted like the cold hands of death, for when it beckons there is no choice but to heed.

We have heard brothers quarrell and we thought to ourselves oh another joke!

We broke our bounds, neglecting our oaths
"for brothers we shall forever be."

Hmm, how sorrowful indeed!

We Humans have become demons. Dread lurks in our heart, one for another.

Mortal men themselves now immortals.

Yet again chaos has become the order of the day.

The clouds now hiss and bleed tears drunk by the land with seething bitterness in sad love.

The day, these days, have become callous and as fiery as fire flames.

we cry out in silence but our voices are drowned by the rivers of unending humour.

They will make a joke of the next girl that gets raped or the man that suffers memory loss.

See my people, we no longer need words but a revolution of action for our burden shall remain ours to bear.

You see it'll still seem like a dream, a memory to be saved for our reality has become our terror of oppression.

For in the deepest corner of my mind and your mind, we're both enraged by the actions of mortal men who think themselves gods with the power to decide who lives or dies.

This terrain is malicious. I can't keep silent. No. Never!

So I pen down this piece bearing my thoughts in inks written painfully on white pulp.

Because oh no, my dear, silence is no longer golden.

Silence leaves the blood of our heroes past in waste!

For we're but proud Africans united by a rich ancestry envied by all.

A superior heritage of rainbow coloured rays, and skin coloured beautifully adorned by the kernel from the raffia palm tree. We are even more so, moulded by the master craftsman.

For this is Africa, my Africa, your Africa, our fatherland and motherland which should not become our Murder Land... We live continually!

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