Thursday, 17 September 2020



1.       I question every fling of emotion that wells up in me

This helps me understand my emotions and the purpose for every emotion. I do this when an idea pops in my heart. I am careful not to jump at any idea just because it gives me goose bumps. If I see a young person I really enjoy their company, I ask myself why? I investigate my emotions to ensure that the man is not just loving up on some stranger without any cause. I usually find amazing ways to connect with strangers when I investigate the thoughts and feelings I have for them.

2.       I write ideas down in my problematic book

So I once talked about a problematic book. Do you have one now? A problematic book is that book where you write all the problems that come to you as ideas. You also write the solutions you want to try out to help solve those problems. You also write out the new things you are discovering everyday about the problems. Recently, I had created a list of topics to teach just to help solve the problems that young people were facing when an idea comes to them. Do you also feel an overwhelming excitement in your belly when a grand idea pops in your heart? I do too. Some people interpret that feeling as a reason to run. They usually say they are ‘confused!’ But that’s not true. They are just overwhelmed with excitement and are scared about failing. They forget that when we all are unsure about events; we get that way. The same way, when we are anticipating a surprise party, we also get that way. Perspective about life’s event is key.

3.       I discover more ideological misconception when I am goofing around

Sometimes I make silly jokes with those around me. And when I am at it, I discover some misconceptions that some young people hold so dear to their heart. And then I begin to see patterns. The things that truly stop us from becoming more, are mostly exposed in idle conversations. I listen a lot to the unspoken comments and the shy thoughts and ideas that are hardly ever talked about. Somehow, these comes to me in idle conversations. And it helps me to position myself better to help in solving some deeply rooted issues that young people face.

4.       When I am not serious, I am seriously serious

Hahahahahahah! It is very easy for me to switch from goofing around to presenting a TEDtalk. When I get that way, my voice becomes…. I just become very excited that another opportunity has presented itself, for me to share and teach. I love to teach.

5.       I think deeper than I allow myself to admit

I think deeper than I allow myself to admit. Thinking is a great way to sharpen the mind. Any one that you know that is a solution provider is someone that has taken the time to think through problems until they arrive at solutions. Not everyone has the patience to think through problems. A lot of the time, we stop at thinking about the problem and complaining also. We never bring ourselves to the point where we can begin to refine our thoughts and drive at how we can conceptualize the problems in such a way that we arrive at profitable solutions.

There are a lot of habits I have taken up by reason of this path I am traveling on. It is really exciting for me to discover new things about myself. Sometimes, it gets scary, but then, we keep evolving.


Remember what I said about commenting on my blog post? Yes!


I see you still remember. So just for others who may have forgotten. You are to comment on this post if you have a perspective you’d like to share. Also and most importantly, you should share your ideas and ask your questions, because I want to ensure that my blog posts are designed to help you START WHERE YOU ARE, JUST LIKE I DID.



With Love,

Andrew Igbineweka

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