Saturday, 12 September 2015

Has Mali Music Backslided? See Videos

Kortney Jamaal Pollard, who performs under the stage name Mali Music, is an American recording artist, singer-songwriter and producer. Recently He has received criticisms as well as commendations from his fans. The very one that caught my attention was that of  +Kofi Black    that was posted recently on the youtube channel +malimusicVEVO . However, most people are of the opinion that he has backslided.

He said,

"You have Christians and then you have "Church folk" aka Pharisees. Jesus said to the Pharisees aka "Church folk" "Woe unto you" Maaan we have to get it together as the body of Christ. We're turning too many people away because SOME of us Christians are stuck in tradition and not walking in love. It's crazy how you can experience the love God more outside of the church nowadays. I've been on gospel tours and I've been on tour with mainstream artist and you deal with the same thing sex, money and drugs so it all boils down to having a relationship. When you get outside of the church walls that's where the real ministry begins. God used Mali Music to save my life because I was done with it all because I got tired of the phoniness. Mali bridges the gap between the world and the church. He clearly shows that he's in the world but not of it. We're suppose to be fishers of men and God may give us our own way of doing so. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM PRAY AND KEEP IT MOVING! REAL TALK."
Another comment is that of c gray  who thinks the song is about a girl
"what is this song about, because I really thought he was talking about a girl"

"Mali has a sincerity and passion and there is beauty between each beat, a deep pondering in the Grace and Love of God." ¬ Ernie Kasper
Here is a question that the American born musician should respond too right? A question by Airreona El-Amin

"So let me asked, does this come as a gospel song or video or a secular song or video? I mwN its on his gospel album so. I don't know."

The 27years old, has not responded in anyway to the comments made by his fans and this very act leaves the question of WHETHER OR NOT HE HAS BACKSLIDED as is what most people (fan) think.
Born: January 12, 1988 (age 27), Phoenix, AZ 
Nationality: American

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